DAIKIN DC Inverter 1.6Ton FTX50AXV1 Heat & Cool


19100 BTU
1.6 Ton
Heat & Cool
5600 Watt on Cooling
5620 Watt on Heating
Up to 50% Energy Saving
Uniform Air Distribution
Quiet Operation
Easy Maintenance
Stylish Flat Panel
Turbo Mode
Lower Sound Level
Gold Fin for Outdoor
R-410 Gas
Made in Malaysia

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Daikin DC Inverter 1.6Ton FTX50AXV1 Heat & Cool
Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational air-conditioning manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka. It has operations in Japan, China, Australia, India, Philippines, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Daikin is the inventor of variable refrigerant volume systems (or VRV by Daikin air conditioning, other manufacturers remarked this as VRF) and an innovator in the split system air conditioning market.
Daikin developed R-410A refrigerant as well. Inverter system ensures faster cooling with significant energy saving. Moreover, it helps to maintain consistent temperature in the room, makes you feel comfortable all the time especially while you are sleeping. Daikin calls an inverter model that is equipped with a DC motor a DC Inverter. A DC motor offers higher efficiency than an AC motor. A DC motor uses the power of magnets to attract and repel to generate rotation. A DC motor that is equipped with high-power neodymium magnets, which enables even greater efficiency, is called a Reluctance DC motor.
Make: Malaysia, Brand Origin: Japan


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